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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 25, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to her, maybe now i'm open to it. i don't know, up in the air as far as i'm concerned. >> whatever. >> you don't care? >> no, i definitely care, i'd watch that debate. >> all right, connell, thank you so much. that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now.. >> i'm going to davos to get them to bring back a lot of money, invest a plot of money in this country, i made the statement that we didn't do the regulation cutting, which is more important than the tax cuts, but the deregulation is a much different situation. people are actually happy with the 401(k)s. liz: less than 24 hours after president trump touched down in davos, switzerland, he's a disrupter. shaking up business field, the president touting relationship with global leaders like britain's theresa may and israel's bibi netanyahu and
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threatening to cut palestinian aid if it does not come to the table for peace talks with israel. some world leaders still threatening to boycott. that tonight president trump sits down with 15 ceos for dinner. major leaders, of big global companies like adidas, nestle and anheuser-busch. we have the impact. and home depot joining a growing list of 240 companies doing tax cut bonuses and more. its ceos signing the gop tax cuts giving out up to $1,000 bonuses. the inspector general for the justice department says he has found the five months worth of missing text messages between fbi official peter strzok and lisa page. the key here is the ig looks like it went after the other phones beside fbi work phones. details coming up. we have former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton.
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ty young, and former milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, all here tonight. politics, money, we've got you covered. i'm elizabeth macdonald. risk -- "risk & reward" starts right now. >> receptivity, sitting around this table are some of the greatest business leaders in the world. some of the greatest companies in the world. probably, i can think of no other place or time where you'll have executives at this stature. there's been a lot of warmth, a lot of respect for our country, a lot of money, billions and billions of dollars coming into the u.s. and people are very happy with what we've done, not only on the tax bill but cutting of regulations, and i think also being a cheerleader for our country. you're not a cheerleader for company or country, no matter what happens, it's not going to work. liz: the president in davos using it as a platform to get
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deals for american companies and jobs. more on that in just a moment. the dow closing in the green, up 140 points to another record. 26,392. it's the most records in a january month since 1997, which had ten record highs. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. 90th record close for the president since he was elected, nicole? reporter: liz, another day of records, the dow and the s&p 500 close at all-time record highs. the nasdaq gave some back, but the momentum that we've been seeing for the dow and the s&p was ten months in a row of gains. haven't seen this kind of momentum since the year 1959. taking a look at some of the dow winners, boeing, 3m, johnson & johnson, united technology and goldman sachs, a slew of earnings, of course, we did see 3m hitting a new high. what weighed on the dow in part was apple. apple pulls back today, down
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nearly 2% on the day, closing at 171 there. had been comments about iphone sales, so that's been weighing. but overall the markets had been up over 200 points. president donald trump spoke about the u.s. dollar saying it's going to get stronger and stronger. the dollar moves higher, the markets off highs. the dow held onto 140 points, back to you. liz: thank you, nicole. the president pushing america first policy in davos. sticking it to world leaders there. details in just a second. speaking with 15 ceos at dinner davos. you'll be surprised at what these ceos of major global companies had to say. let's roll tape. >> we build it and it will come. >> it was founded by american. >> we are excited about what's going on in the u.s. market. >> we have 15,000 people in the u.s. i'm very happy and pleased with
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your infrastructure focus. >> 100% made in the united states. >> we're just now rounding the biggest investment program in our company's history in the united states, r&d. >> how much will you be investing? >> for the time being, north of 2 billion u.s. dollars. >> are you going to be investing in the u.s.? >> yes, we are. >> we're going to invest about 16 billion. liz: you heard that. even bank of america ceo brian moynihan said he is really surprised at the level of enthusiasm among international ceos when it comes to tax reform in the u.s., and the potential for their investment in the united states. let's bring in the former ambassador to the u.n., he's john bolton. ambassador, you know, you hear these ceos and you hear the media attacking trump even today for davos trip. you hear germany's angela merkel, emmanuel macron. the whole idea he's isolating the world. what do you hear when the
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listen to what the ceos just said? >> the notion that somehow the united states has become isolationists, that we're pulling back, we're looking to put up trade barriers and have trade wars and somehow the economic policy makers of the likes of china and germany are going save the world from us is just complete nonsense. i think when you cut through the shih-shih rhetoric at davos, what the ceos said is there are a lot of business leaders that wanted to make deals. he wanted to make tax cuts and regulatory changes and the limb nation of the overhang, the fear of an obama and/or clinton administration and the even more regulations and higher taxes they would put on. so when you have this kind of sales pitch. look, these business people want to make money for shareholders. that's what it comes down to. that's the globalization that we benefit from. liz: the media is saying that
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going to davos goes against the president's populist message. you know, that he's contradicting himself by going, but you john bolton, you said, he's taking a page out of reagan, saying you got to honor your commitment. not being isolationist. the president is being like reagan saying you have to honor trade commitments and quit kick the u.s. around. let's take a listen how the media is reporting on the president's trip. let's roll tape. >> what went into the president's decision to go to davos. the first sitting president to go since 2000, a lot of what this forum is about is to go against populist america first agenda. you can explain the decision-making process? liz: angela merkel, france's emmanuel macron, theresa may, justin trudeau and more. is that a problem? >> there's a certain amount of risk in it, he would be shunned. somehow he would make a mistake, that's what the press
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was basically waiting for. the first day has been quite a success, he gives a major speech tomorrow. i'm sure he's very well prepared for it, and reporters questions that you played reveals the ignorance not just of many in europe but the media and this country, populist america first agenda. that reporter didn't have the slightest idea what she was talking about. liz: ambassador, msnbc managed to somehow weave into this narrative about the president's trip to davos, an identity politics narrative. but she was quickly corrected by her co-host. let's watch this. >> the chair people of davos this year, this year there are seven. i believe all of them are women. when i look at president trump right there, i mentioned claus schwab is with him, gary cohn, rex tillerson, he's flanked almost entirely. there's one, by white guys. stay in this conversation. >> i did see transport
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secretary elizabeth chao earlier. they brought a woman cabinet secretary with them. liz: let's do a fact check. all the people traveling with him, elaine chao and the homeland security secretary and the press secretary and the communications director. your thoughts. >> what matters here is performance, and the one performance that matters is the president's. i think that by going to davos, as i say, he took a risk but 50% through, see when it's finished. he's dominated the agenda in a way no foreign leader in the years since president clinton went in 2000 has, and that's what really matters. and fundamentally, i think that's what the people. united states want as well. you can chitchat about all this other stuff that are on some of the other networks. the american economy remains strong and growing and anything unlike the rate it's at now and a good chance it could increase. the president and his party
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will do very well this november and in 2020. liz: switch gears, the inspector general for the justice department found the five months' worth of missing text messages between peter strzok and lisa page. peter strzok was removed from special counsel robert mueller's investigation in anti-trump bias. and worked on the hillary e-mail server probe. missing text messages include trump's firing of michael flynn and james comey. what is your take on what's going with the text messages? >> we don't know what caused the gap. it apparently applied to a number of other communications devices, but whatever it was, there's now the recovery. we'll find out what they texted to each other. i think that the level of distrust over the comey handle of the clinton e-mail, the clinton foundation investigation, let's not forget that, the effort to try and find out whether there was
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collusion between trump campaign officials and the russians, all of this has caused such concern and mistrust that i'm afraid the only remedy here is going to try to get it all out in public. to stop the selective leaks, there's no doubt we're going to suffer damage from this and this sense the russian effort to cast doubt on our democratic institutions has had, is but it's going to be a painful process, but i honestly think we're at such a state that only near complete disclosure. classified things we need to protect but a lot of this stuff is gossip and i think we got to get it out there. liz: the media saying the analysis is about conspiracy theories, for example, the secret society text from lisa page is now said to be a text that is made in jest. that there is no secret society of the fbi. however that four-page devin nunes memo is another story entirely, about fisa surveillance warrants maybe
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built off of fake dossier by christopher steele, maybe the anti-trump file wasn't spelledoud in getting that warrant. do you think the public should get to see that memo as soon as possible? >> i've been alumnus of the justice department. i've spent my career in the executive branch. i believe that government decisions often have to be made in secrecy. i have an instinctive aversion to dumping all this stuff out on the public record, and i do think there's a legitimate interest in protecting intelligent sources and methods. all of this is contrary to my instincts, but until these things become public, as much as we can get out, it's just going to be finger-pointing, and i think the country as a whole suffers from it. we've got to draw a line under this, turn a page or whatever cliche we want to use or move on. whatever is going to happen to include conspiracy theories is pretty much everything. liz: glad to be with you.
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remember when the president said the united kingdom would be back in the line in u.s. trade deals if it did brexit, left the european union? the white house reversed that policy saying the uk is front of the line in trade deals. my next guest says this is the difference between the trump and obama administration. we're bringing in dr. alan mendoza, he will join me from london after this. >> and uk is going to be in the back of the queue. so, i needed legal advice, and i heard that my cousin's wife's sister's husband was a lawyer, so i called him. but he never called me back! if your cousin's wife's sister's husband isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal.
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near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. . liz: treasury secretary steve mnuchin said the u.s. will put the united kingdom in the front of the line when it comes to u.s. trade deals, even as the uk is in the middle of brexit. theresa may of the uk said a trade deal is in the works
5:17 pm
after it does brecksit and leaves the european union. but remember what president obama threatened if the uk left the european union. watch. >> our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc of the european union to get a trade agreement done, and uk is going to be in the back of the queue. liz: joining me henry jackson society executive director dr. alan mendoza. good to see you, doctor. what did you make of president obama's comment when he first made it? >> what i thought it was extraordinarily ill timed and classy example how to have the opposite effect what you were trying to do. president obama had been drafted in essentially by prime minister at the time david cameron to bolster what's become known as project fear, which was the idea that were britain to leave the european union, one way traffic, dismal economics dismal performances
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and back of the queue. i think he convinced a lot of people they weren't going to be pushed around, they didn't believe it was likely does did more harm to the core than good by what he says. liz: what do you make of the trump administration reversing obama's policy? >> well, i think there's no surprise. i suspect that actually as i said, you know, president obama was sort of put up to this, essentially. he was told give me a hand in the campaign, he foolishly accepted, it went wrong. and actually it's always been in the u.s.' interest to have good trade relations with britain. we're major trading partners, invest heavily, we've got things to contribute and seem a reversion to normalcy and common sense that the trump administration changed tune on this and say we'll be front of the queue and we want to do more trade with you. liz: boris johnson is a conservative, and standing up for president trump and going after the london mayor sadiq
5:19 pm
khan and jeremy corbyn for attacking trump and stopping trump's visit to the uk. the relationship will not be harmed by the mayor's pompous behavior in city hall and said corbin was ignorant and said both of them are contemptible about keeping silent about socialist venezuela. what are your thoughts about boris johnson? >> boris johnson has a wonderful turn of phrase, that's a good example of it. he can nail a point in a style he can only pull off. point is a serious one, a lot of british politicians for i suppose virtue signaling purposes to show what wonderful people they are, have been suggesting that president trump is not welcome here in the uk, when, of course, we all know those who take the relationship seriously know that the relationship between the u.s. president and britain is a vital one, important one, a
5:20 pm
strategically important and economically important. boris johnson is reminding people that here is essentially the leader of the free world, he must and should be welcome in the uk, and those politicians who have tried to keep him away are essentially a national embarrassment themselves. they are embarrassing our country and getting in the way of effective relationships that just a moment in time, post brexit or during brexit we need most to be established on by the usa. the message is you're welcome and the prime minister reiterated that today in davos. she said you are very welcome. liz: doctor, let's switch gears, the media in the united states claiming president trump would get a cold reception in davos from world leaders. let's listen in. >> i expect it will be icy to use the word that kelly used. there are so many of our friends overseas who feel as though this is a president who has not honored those relationships. an america first agenda is the
5:21 pm
opposite of what is welcome at the world economic forum. >> the mood here at davos is one of anticipation and slight intrepidation. >> a fractured world, many in davos claim president donald trump for doing the fractureing. >> it's icy here in davos, it will be icy politically as well. liz: bibi netanyahu gave the president a warm welcome and the meeting with theresa may went off well, too. what are your thoughts about what the media is saying? >> i think the media love a good story about personality. the story from the trump administration, from the media is personality. they're doing everyone disservice, they're not looking at the achievements of this administration, whether they're domestic achievements, economic achievements, foreign policy achievements and focusing on tonal issues around the president. we all know the president is the most unusual president i
5:22 pm
should say who has been in office certainly in recent times. everyone knows that. again, by focusing purely in sort of rhetoric, rather on substance, they are trying to drive the agenda, way from real issues. as has been stated, america first is a perfectly normtive response to any country. any country who says they're not putting their interest first is doing a disservice to their citizens. it doesn't mean america alone, doesn't mean the failure to understand the importance of trade. that is indeed what the administration has been stressing. the media need to get on board with the idea, let's look at policy, let's looked at underlying issue, let's get away from the obsessive focus on rhetoric. liz: dr. alan mendoza, enjoyed having you on listening to your insights, sir, please come back soon. >> pleasure being with you. liz: same here. the media railing on treasury secretary steve mnuchin for saying the weaker dollar will help u.s. companies in the short-term.
5:23 pm
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liz: breaking new, white house sending a new immigration proposal to congress, requiring $25 billion trust fund for border with mexico and canada. would provide a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal dreamer individuals who came hir here as children. white house believes that the plan could get enough votes to pass senate, but not sure about the house, they are talking about ending chin chain migratid visa lottery program. a new proposal involving a board border wall with canada and mexico, and a path to citizenship, 1.8 million daca individual here's in united
5:27 pm
states. >> media going after treasury secretary mnuchin for saying that weaker dollar helps u.s. multinationals in short-term. >> treasury secretary steve mnuchin is walking back comments that he welcomes a weaker u.s. dollar. >> the dollar is down, this matters because he broke treasury secretary protocol and commented about the dollar. >> unheard of for a u.s. treasury secretary to go on the global stage and welcome a weak dollar. liz: money manager ty young. i'm going to push back for you, reagan and clinton administrations understood a strong dollar attracts u.s. investment from overseas that
5:28 pm
creates jobs. and other administrations thought that weak dollar was good, it really about printing money, why you are for a week dollar. >> not necessarily a week dollar, mnuchin stated that dollar has got weakened recently, and that is a benefit to companies that do a lot of exporting. this is say positive thing for multinational companies that do a lot of exporting, the more export the more foreign country say get because dollar is week. but mnuchin, secretarye treasury and trump administration are for a strong dollar no doubt about that. liz: profits every seas translate to a lot of u.s. dollars here, but best thing is a stable dollar, not a dollar policy that is used to drive economic behavior, that is what analyst say, dollar is not
5:29 pm
wealth, it is a yard stick by how we measure our value of work and product, talk about a strong dollar or weak dollar to boost expert like saying we should increase ledge of a ruler or shorten a minute, you know what i mean? >> i know what you mean. i agree. with the dollar we want a stronger dollar, because it allows us to have -- it is a measure am, to your point, of our economy. the strength of our country. a measurement of how our country is doing. liz: tie youn ty brennan tie yo. >> thank you. >> white house sending a new immigration blueprint to senate, we're staying on davos story, media take on the icy reception
5:30 pm
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>> i expect it will be icy.
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>> it is icy here. liz: media outlet, anticipating not a nice reception for president trump from world leaders at the world economic forum in davos. israeli prime minister netanyahu praising trump in particular u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. >> an historic division that will be forever etched in the hearts of our people, for generations to come, people say that pushes peace backward, i say it pushes peace forward. liz: with me now bree peyton. >> they are anticipating that donald trump will fail, mess up, they are waiting with baded fretting for that to happen -- breath for that to happen, the
5:35 pm
reasons we did not see much chatter about netanyahu's warm reception, it does not fit their narrative, and they don't like benjamin netanyahu. their decision to under play it and predict donald trump demise in this trip is typical media bo behavior. liz: netanyahu said, you stood up strong, helping peace. and british prime minister theresa may also praising president. and nikki haley, saying, you have to come to the table, buck up, have courage and stop attacking the president. >> i think that makes sent to rethink the way that we give aid to the pa . you know this is an organization that gives half of foreign aid that we and other country give it to reward terrorism. also rest of the other half, they are not spending on terrorism, they are using to
5:36 pm
prop up this massive administrative state. just crumbs of millions of dollars we pay out in aid go to the people that are living in distress. >> gaza has highest unemployment rate in the world, it makes sent to say stop biting hand that feeds you when vice president pence goes to meet with you, come meet with him, stop acting like a child, it shows how woefully out of touch abbas is with his people, 70s% of palestinian people want to get rid of him, and him to step down and a new leader. all these things are what we're seeing played out, it makes sent to rethink that way we're giving them aid, and people to the people directly, reward could small rewarding small businesses and hands you on grands, instead of to the pa.
5:37 pm
liz: breaking news. senator chuck grassley -- i want to make sure team will help me. new text-messages, 5 months that were gone. there is say new text-message out between peter strzok and lisa page, grassley says this is say problem, it is about hillary clinton. one more thing, she might be our next president, lisa page saying, last thing you need us going in there, you think she is going to remember or care, that it was more doj than fbi, peter strzok texting back agreeing, i called bill clinton and relayed whether he discussed. bill clinton agrees, i will e-mail you and the rift is redacted -- rest is redacted. breaking it down, they are saying according to chuck grassley, the messages they, at fbi will take is easy on hillary clinton, remember peter strzok on that hillary clinton e-mail
5:38 pm
probe, it looks like he was talking to bill spadea too. bill clinton too. >> that is shocking but not surprising. we have seen this coming out of the doj time and again, loretta lynch met with bill spadea in a plane in a tarmac in phoenix, arizona, at the time there were reports comes out of "new york times" saying that hillary clinton of the talking about keeping lynch on if she were to win presidency, this is behavior that is typical that we saw from bureaucrats in the justice department, that is unfortunate, justice is supposed to be blind. but the apersonally are not -- apparently are not and looking ahead, and placing bets on that, instead of correcting and delivering justs they are doing it you know to please the important they think will be in power. liz: can we bring script back
5:39 pm
down, i want to go over that text-message. make sure i have it right, you can take it down more, let's bring script, okay, here is the text, she might be our next president. the last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear, you think she ising about to remembegoing to rememberor caren fbi, and strzok agreed, saying, i called bill. we -- it says bill, we don't know if he called bill clinton. i called bill, and relayed what he discussed, he agreed. it just sounds more like they are going easyo hillary. you mentioned that bill clinton the and loretta lynch tarmac meeting, if it was only about grangrandchildren, why that was meeting so heavily redacted?
5:40 pm
>> you are right. we're getting tidbits of information, this does not look good, it does not look good, she is saying, she could be our next president and speculating that she is worried about her own position in the fbi, that is what it sounds like. but you are right to point out we don't know what that means, if h he is talking about bill clinton or someone else names bill, this is sad we're getting scraps of information. liz: human beings with opinions but they have power at fbi, we don't know if there was a conspiracy, but they were talking openly about their thought, bree peyton thank you. >> thank you. liz: president trump went after peter strzok at fbi for the bias text. media saying that trump is
5:41 pm
criticizing the whole fbi, the entire bureau, h he is not boeig that, that is what the president said. the next president said, we're going over it, president obama, we're bringing in american sheriff david clark to talk about that, that is after this. so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites.
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sometimes, they just drop in. obvious.
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cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group - how the world advances. ♪ liz: white house, saying this is a dramatic concession, a new immigration proposal, trump administration accept a path to citizenship for the daca individuals, but for broader population of 1.8 million people, teal that president wants would require congress to pony up $25 billion trust fund for border walls with mexico and canada. that is according to senior officials, they want a deal that in this deal to end chain
5:45 pm
migration, and lottery visa program. a path to citizenship for 1.8 million people, coming out of the white house, we bring in sheriff david clark, what do you think of this deal? white house saying this is a big concession. >> i think it is, this is a negotiate, that means you don't get what you want, we're not going to deport. you can gets 3 out of 4 things that you want, you have to look at that as a win, democrats may still balk at this, they have dug their heels in chain migration, and no funding for the wall, and visa lottery program. this shows that white house is being reasonable in this negotiation in offering something. liz: if the democrats reject it,
5:46 pm
then what? >> back to square one. this going on too long in washington, they waited until 11th hour, and then extended. at some point i believe that the senate president, mitch mcconnell, will have to look long and hard about this thing that filibuster, maybe end that. so they can get something passed. they are not trying to steam roll the democrats, they are trying to be reasonable, it the democrats that are being unreasonable. liz: the vi vim break -- immigration problem has been decades in the making. president is trying to fix it. and also he wants to fix family migration issues. we know that terrorists have come in visa family migration policies and attacked innocent americans. what he is saying new citizen can only sponsor immediate
5:47 pm
families not outer circle of relatives. >> that reasonable, with chain migration they going to cousins, second cousins and boyfriends and girlfriends, that has to stop. again, this is say concession, you can have debate in congress and american public to whether it goes too far in terms of offering to something in democrats. but, in negotiations you have to be reasonable, and offer the other side something, i don't think it is offer too much we'll see. liz: president said that paths to citizenship he said 10 to 12 years. he made comes about that president wants more u.s. custom and border protect agents at the borders as well as more immigration judges. we know that case load there is overwhelming. in terms of to deal with the illegal immigrants. how about a border wall with canada? >> well, you know that is first
5:48 pm
time i heard something like that offered. but main thing is that the problem is at southern border, if there is a prob ledg problemt northern border unothing something i heard of in past, start with southern border that is a mainstay of what president during these campaign and after becoming president, he drew a hard-line on. i am glad to see, he is holding that line, 10 or 12 years before dreamers are eligible, this is reasonable. that is what you want to look for in negotiation, you want a reasonable approach to what you are trying to ask for and what you can get. if you can't get it you can draw hard-lines in all this stuff, you can say, nothing for the dreamers, deport them, you could say no chain migration, no visa lottery and a wall as long as we want it, that it is. that is not negotiating. liz: do you like this deal?
5:49 pm
>> from what i heard, you know, just like you, we're just hearing, i need to know more details. this is negotiation, and so i think from that stand point, what i am hearing, i think can pass. that is important, what can pass. not what do you want, but what can you get passed. liz: this has been a sticky wicket for show long, sheriff david clark i thank you. >> my pleasure. liz: more news, new fbi text-messages surfaces, sources say that bill we mentioned earlier is bill -- fbi direct or of counter intelligence. we'll have more on that after the break, don't go away. hotels, cars and things to do. like the fairmont mayakoba for 59% off. everything you need to go. expedia. everything you need to go. (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo!
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liz: chuck grassley raising more
5:53 pm
concerns in a letter to the fbi. a new damning text mess answer exchange shows fbi agents were worried about being too tough on the assumed future president hillary clinton. lisa page texting this. one more thing. she might be our next president. the last thing you need is her going in there load for bear. do you think she'll remember whether it was fbi or doj. >> i agree. i called bill and related to him what you said. you heard that text message. what's your reaction? >> this confirms the suspicion so many americans have, especially americans who voted
5:54 pm
for trump like i did. one wf our top agencies we are supposed to trust is undermining justice wrath i are than protecting it. americans are wondering who they can trust. are they able to trust the administration, they don't know. are we able to trust the fbi? even americans watching that are unable to keep all the pieces together, who texted who, who wants hillary to relationship and who wants trump to lose. i think americans are afraid they completely lost trust in our justice system and american institutions as a whole. liz: other media saying the quote conspiracy theories, former cia director saying he never saw the atmosphere around the fbi so vile. the rank and file of the fbi
5:55 pm
don't like it either. these are the good guys going after the bad guys. what the reporting has been about is a small group of people talking about politics in their dc offices. >> which is absolutely wrong and corrupt. i do think it's a good point we need to be careful not to label the entire he fbi as necessarily corrupt or politicize it. i think republicans and conservatives need to be careful because that's a hefty accusation. but this is not a witch hunt or conspiracy theory. we have texts to prove it. unlike the russian collusion story that has had no solid evidence whatsoever. this has tangible, concrete evidence and we get new information every day about corruption in the highest level our justice system. liz: 1.8 million immigrants will
5:56 pm
be put on the path to citizenship in the next 10-12 years. the president would demand a $25 billion trust fund for the northern border and possibly northern border with canada and southern border. what are your reactions to that? >> his core base will not be happy with it. a lot of people voted for him for his immigration policies. i think they see they are forgetting the forgotten men and women here legally who voted for donald trump because they felt they had a leader that would defend them. but would i would say is this is a negotiation. we did get some good things in it. we are getting funding for the border all and other things we like as well. liz: we'll have more after the
5:57 pm
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liz: maria bartiromo has special coverage of president trump's speech tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. charles: i'm charles payne. we have many breaking stories stretching with wall street to switzerland in davos where president trump is sweeping the headlines at home and abroad. the dow and s & f finished at record highs. meanwhile, in washington the immigration showdown is in full force with the trump administration preparing to present its daca plan. there was a trumpian twist and another blockbuster information


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